GPU Failure

The most common problem observed in Apple MacBooks and iMacs is the Nvidia Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) failure. A GPU failure is likely to affect the video output of your screen.
Many-a-times, you will notice a GPU failure in different ways, such as images on the screen being distorted. Additionally, your Mac might enter a boot loop and never come out. Our Apple expert Mac repair services provide you with a full-proof solution to the GPU failure issues.
PC Ideals has a high success rate in repairing failed GPUs. If your device has the following symptoms, your GPU has likely failed:


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Testing for GPU failures

Once your device has arrived at our Apple Mac repair center, we diagnose it with the exact problem in the GPU. We will then provide you with the Apple Mac repair prices for this service.
This service will include the replacement or repair of the failed GPU. Call or email us to get help. You can also book our services through the online job booking form given on our website.

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